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Employer description

Three Pound Group owns various iconic venues around Perth. The group owns The Camfield at Optus Stadium, The Stables & The Globe in Perth city, and Pop-Up Bar Kartel, these are just a few to mention. Fun fact, The Camfield is the largest pub in Australia! So why not get your applicant to be part of the talent team behind the scenes who all make it possible! Whether they want to cook for customers or make some perfect cocktails, they have it for your applicant.

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Job positions

Waiter, Bar Attendants and Cashier
Salary: Hourly Wage - $27.15– Casual
Accommodation: Not included
Minimum Duration: 3 months



Area description

Perth is the capital and largest city of the Australian state of Western Australia and the fourth most populous city in Australia. Get active and enjoy the sunshine, natural parklands and beach lifestyle of Perth, one of the country's most beautiful cities and the capital of Western Australia.





NOTA: Condições de oferta de trabalho foram apresentados em condições ideais , conforme necessário e de projecção no momento da aplicação do empregador e pode ser alterado.