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At XPA, we collaborate with the best schools and universities worldwide for language learning, and we provide highly competitive prices for the course you are looking for. Get a quote with us!

Testimonials from our clients

Mariela Oporto

My name is Mariela, and I live in the city of Osorno in the Lakes Region. When I first heard about the Work and Travel program, it seemed incredible to me. Despite having my reservations, I signed up and took the risk to travel!

Cristobal Silva

I traveled to Vevay, a place located in the state of Indiana. Initially, before the trip, I was very worried, but then I couldn't stop being surprised by how far I had come.

Verónica Retamal

I am Verónica Retamal. I lived with around 80 people; from the beginning, it formed like a big family and a circle of friendship that I still keep today. The work is tough, but when it was over, coming home and reuniting with friends was the best.

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