Hamilton Island - Job Positions

*Only for Premium Option


Employer Description

Imagine working on a tropical island while having the chance to meet new people and learn new skills. The beautiful Hamilton Island has many careers to choose from. Whether your client wants a career in front of house or is a trained chef, the options are there. This option offers staff discounts.
Including discounted accommodation for around half the cost of the mainland (Approx AU$150 perweek). Hamilton Island provides quality training and has long term growth for employees who excel.



Job positions

Hospitality (Chef/Sous Chef, Beach Sports Attendant, Food and Beverage
Attendant Gardener, Housekeeping, Kitchen Stewards, Hotel Management

Salary: Varies (minimum award)
Accommodation: Included
Minimum Duration: 6 months



Area description

Hamilton Island is perfectly located just off the Queensland coast of Australia and in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Of the 74 Whitsunday Islands, it is the largest inhabited island, measuring 4.5km from north to south and 3km from east to west, and positioned approximately 887km north of Brisbane (by air).






NOTA: Las Condiciones de la oferta de trabajo se han presentado en condiciones ideales según la necesidad y proyección en el momento de la solicitud del empleador y podría sufrir modificaciones.