Farm Jobs - Job Positions

We offer to work in a Japanese farm, doing fully-remunerated farm work as part of your Working Holiday in Japan. 

For many Japanese, the quality and origin of their food is of high importance. At the same time, Japanese farmers are striving to produce agricultural produce of highest quality. So during your farm job in Japan you can learn a lot, have fun and at the same time enjoy a healthy nutrition! No previous knowledge about farming is needed.
The farms include small family-run farms where you would stay with the farmer's family, and also larger farms.
Which will be my tasks at the farm?
Your tasks may include:
  • Working with horses, cows, chicken: Feeding, clearing the dung out, cleaning machinery, milking, cleaning the animals, selling produce such as eggs, milk, icecream etc.
  • Planting fruits and vegetables (e.g. pumpkins, potatoes, lettuces, leeks, tomatoes, strawberries, peaches, melons), caring, harvesting, processing and possibly selling produce locally
  • Growing cut flowers and ornamental plants
  • Seeding, growing and harvesting crops such as rice, millet, corn, wheat


What about the remuneration?

Farm jobs are remunerated at a range of 690-1500 Yen per hour. It is generally expected that you work for 48 hours (6 days x 8 hours) per week.

How is my accommodation?

The farms offer accommodation and meals. The costs for accommodation and meals are deducted from your salary, but to a far smaller amount than what you make through your work. You will still be able to keep some part of it! The exact kinds of accommodation and meal plans differ from farm to farm:
  • Directly with the farmer's family or at a separate farm staff accommodation
  • Single room or dorm room (typically tatami rooms where you would use a futon)
  • Either cooked meals are provided to you, or you would get raw ingredients such as vegetables and meat that you can prepare on your own

NOTA: Las Condiciones de la oferta de trabajo se han presentado en condiciones ideales según la necesidad y proyección en el momento de la solicitud del empleador y podría sufrir modificaciones.