Alyeska Resort - Job Positions

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Employer description

Alyeska Resort is Alaska's premier year-round destination featuring the 300-room Hotel Alyeska. Located just 40 miles from Anchorage and Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Alyeska Resort is your base camp for summer and winter excursions.


Job position

Restaurant Attendant - USD $12 per hour
Responsibilities include but are not limited to: retrieving used tableware from service area, scraping plates, loading and unloading dish racks, monitoring detergent and chemical levels, additional tableware cleaning if necessary, and sorting and returning items to their proper areas. Sweep and mop floors and assist with kitchen cleanliness.

Area description

Girdwood enjoys the reputation of being the only vacation town in Alaska. Just 30 minutes south of Anchorage, Girdwood is home to the luxurious Alyeska Resort, dozens of fun and entertaining festivals throughout the year and countless options for outdoor adventures in the wonderful surroundings.

Local Population:  Approx. 2000 – Girdwood, Anchorage – 250,000

Distance to Major Cities:  Anchorage is 45 minutes north of Girdwood

Nearest Airport: Ted Stevens International Airport

Distance from Housing to Public Transportation: Approx. 40 miles

Distance from Housing to Supermarket: Approx. 1 mile

Average Temperatures:  

December: 11.1 – 23.1 degrees F

March: 30-38 degrees F





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