Ski Resort Jobs - Job Positions

In Hokkaido, you can get a job at a large ski resort during the winter and summer seasons, either as a sports instructor (in the wintertime: skiing and snowboarding; in the summertime: mountain biking, tennis, pilates, yoga and archery), as a hotel and hospitality service staff, as a guest entertainer, or at childcare.
The resort jobs don't require any Japanese language skills. You should however be able to communicate in English. If you do know some Japanese however, it is of course of advantage.

Which jobs can I do at the ski resort?

The luxurious resort in the mountains of Hokkaido is part of an international chain. It has about 40% foreign, English speaking guests, particularly from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China and Europe.
The winter season lasts from mid-November to mid-April. The summer season is from June to October. You should work at the resort for at least 1 month, but 3 months or more is preferred.
The weekly working time for all jobs is 40 hours (5 days per week x 8 hours)
  • Hotel and hospitality jobs
- Receptionist/Front Desk
- Waiter/Waitress
- Kitchen Assistant
- Baggage Handler
- Dishwasher
- Room Service
- Bedmaker
- Laundry personell.
No previous experience is required for these activities. The hourly wage is 950 yen, of which no further taxes will be deducted. Thus, the monthly wage in case of a 40-hour week is about 160,000 yen = about 1280 EUR.- 
  • Sports instructor
In winter: snowboarding and skiing, in summer: tennis, archery, mountain biking, yoga, pilates. You should have respective previous knowledge and experience as an instructor. For the ski and snowboard instructur jobs it is a requirement to have a relevant license. The hourly wage depends on your experience level and will be discussed during the Skype interview. It is higher than for the hotel and catering jobs.
  • Guest entertainer
You'll entertain guests during the day, you participate in the evening entertainment program, and you do activities with children at the resort's Kids Club. You will also dine with the guests at the restaurant and will do your best to make them feel comfortable. You should have previous experiences for these jobs. The hourly pay will be discussed during the Skype job interview.

How am I accommodated?

The resort provides a single room of high standard at the resort for only 5000 yen (about 40 EUR/45 USD) per month! One bathroom is shared by two neighbouring single rooms for staff members. You also get subsidized meals at the employee canteen for only 300 yen (about 2.40 EUR/2.70 USD) per meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

NOTA: Las Condiciones de la oferta de trabajo se han presentado en condiciones ideales según la necesidad y proyección en el momento de la solicitud del empleador y podría sufrir modificaciones.